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<< Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... And curiosity keep leading us down new paths>>

[Walt Disney]

This is the way in which i face of the research activities and, more in general, my life. I'm a biomedical engineer with strong competencies in system integration for mechatronic and robotic devices. I strongly believe that a new way to use technology up to date available may allow us to open new doors providing new perspectives in the study of human brain development.


Mar 2009-present

After my PhD I have concentrated my efforts in three main areas:

  • research; 
  • teaching;
  • fundraising,

During this period I worked on the design and development of mechatronic platforms for behavioural analysis of infants, children, and animal models: I have developed smart objects and innovative solutions for behavioural analysis in ecological settings. 
I've been teaching assistant in the Faculty of biomedical engineering for the courses of: Rehabilitation Engineering from 2008-2010, Anatomy and Physiology from 2007-2010, and Biomechatronics from 2010-2011. In 2011 I've been co-teacher of the course of biomechatronics. In this period I supervised 3 Master Degree Thesis and 1 Bachelor Degree Thesis.
I partecipated in writing national and international research projects. In particular the ones founded were:

  • Sensor-based technology in the study of motor skills in infants at risk for ASD ( NIH R21: HD068584 ).
  • IM-CLeVeR project - Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots (FP7-EU-ICT 2008 contract n. 231722). 
  • Reaching, posture, object exploration, and language in high- and low-risk infants (NIH R01:HD073255-A1)

From July 2012 I'm Assistant professor of Biomechatronics at Università Campus Biomedico di Roma

Gen 2006 - Mar 2009

PhD in Bioengineering

My PhD activity was at intersection of developmental neuroscience, bioengineering and mechatronics. I was involved in a pioneering research Project funded by the European Commision to study the presence of early motor signs in neurodevelopmental disorders with focus on Autism. My research activity was focalized in the definition of functional and technical specification of the most suited technological solution to study motor behaviour in infancy. I was responsable of the selection of technology and of the design, development, and test of a first prototype for the study of development of spatial perception.

Gen 2008

I was visiting Student at Perception in Action Laboratory, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh. I joined the group of Prof. Dave Lee and worked on development of an optimized system for timing analysis of human movement during neurodevelopment.

Nov 2003 -Dec 2005

Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering
Final grade 110/110 cum laude

Sep 2000-Oct 2003

Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering
Final grade 110/110 cum laude


Scientific interests

  • Technologies for human behavior analysis;

  • Neurodevelopmental engineering;

  • Neuro-Robotics;

  • Neuroscience.

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