Biomedical Robotics and Biomicrosystems Lab


Our research on microsystems aims at exploring the interface of macro- and micro- world in order to increase the degrees of freedom in the design of innovative biomedical robotic tools. Current research efforts are aimed at developing:

  • design techniques based on multi-domain and multi-physics analyses and simulations;
  • miniature sensors for biorobotics, with application to minimally invasive surgery and prosthetics;
  • novel actuators based on (electro)chemical phenomena;
  • microfluidic platforms for the biosciences and drug-delivery;
  • technologies for the development of novel invasive neural interfaces, with special focus on electrodes coating techniques;
  • energy harvesters for improving the autonomy of fully implanted active devices.


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Past projects

  • Fully implantable cochlear implant
  • IDIS-C2

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